Why body-worn cameras have become popular in Australia

Why body-worn cameras have become popular in Australia

A few years ago, most people believed that only law enforcement agents had use for body cameras or body cams, as some would say, but times have changed rapidly. More organisations have adopted the idea of body cams for enhanced protection and safety of their workers, like emergency response teams, government officials and personnel, private security companies, and some industrial companies, among others.

The tidal change for body-worn cameras is majorly attributed to the legislation of February 11, 2022. But here are a couple of other reasons for the growth in popularity.

Advantages of a body-worn camera

The main advantage is providing security, and the extra sense of security is attested to the following features:

  • Recording and pre recording features

Body cameras offer supreme video features that allow you to record live video coverage and recording. Somebody cams have state-of-the-art HD live-streaming features and a stealth mode for hazardous situations.

  • Easy to use

The technology behind body-worn cameras is truly outstanding, but operating the device is as easy as pushing a button. The ease of use makes it available to everyone and allows ease of operation. It also reduces any complication during the mission.

  • Good battery life

Once the machine is up and running, it should last a couple of hours, and the long battery life makes them reliable. The comfort of not worrying about the device switching off in a high-pressure situation makes it worthwhile.

  • On board GPS

Once the device has been switched on, the location is automatically activated, and the user can access the GPS location anytime, anywhere. Some bonus features on some cameras include calculating the moving speed and accurate longitude and latitude readings.

  •        Encryption and security

All data recorded and stored in a security body worn video is safe and secure and includes encryptions that ensure hacking is not easy and allow expansion of more security. The encryption also ensures safety of the products transported or workers.

What to consider when buying a body-worn camera

The market for body-worn cameras has slowly trickled down to personal use, which does not require large-scale purchase. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Price

The brand, features, and size determine the device’s price. Based on your budget, consider a few stores before purchasing and ensure the products’ legitimacy. The pricing of the product should not be a reflection of the competency of the product.

  •   Model

Newer models have added features that make the product more desirable. Older models still provide the same services but may need to be compatible with other devices. If you upgrade your technical products often then newer models are better.

  •     Features

Somebody cameras offer dustproof and waterproof features, which may come in handy when the weather changes. The features differ based on size, brand, price, and capacity.

  • Brand

Different brands offer different features and pricing. You may refer to your local store or online if you are still determining the brand to choose.

Motorcycle riders have embraced body cams when on the road for protection and a sense of security in case of an accident or robbery. That shows the extent to which body cams have positively responded to society.

Body-worn cameras are the new hot toy in the market, and Australia offers both supply and demand.




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